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Welcome To Framed N Hung

Welcome to ‘Framed N Hung’  just one aspect of Barry Johansen‘s artistic passion. Barry is a self-taught, digital artist who chooses to express his creativity on the edge of provocative mystery. With background studies in the world of fashion and design, he has an astute eye for and appreciation of the male form.

Through his images, Barry examines what it means to be a male living within the notion that appearances count. He has found that his illustrations in this collection really shine and ideally showcase his natural talent and flair. There is not a day that goes by where he is not working on a fine, fit gentleman.

Each hunk is an evolving story. Barry encourages you to invent your own story through your personal interpretations and notions of masculinity. Often, his illustrations stir you in such a way that you can easily forget you are looking at a digital (master) piece.

Barry hopes you find a ‘perfect’ guy in this not so perfect world. What an original and desirable gift they can be too.

Barry welcomes your enquiries, follows and shares through Instagram, Pinterest and his Facebook. Be sure to keep watching as the bodies show more of themselves.


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